Contrary to the common perception, the “war on cancer” is not going well. The incidence of cancer is increasing annually by around 2% in in­dus­tri­al­ized nations and in many countries has begun to overtake car­dio­vas­cu­lar diseases as the primary cause of death

Holistic tumor therapy: strengthening the body’s own defenses and targeted treatment of immune blockages

Ganzheitliche Tumortherapie: Stärkung der körpereigenen Abwehrkräfte und gezielte Behandlung von Immunblockaden

The problem is that conventional medicine does not adequately recognize the causes of cancer and only sees the solution in removing it.

Man weiss heute, dass die Krebsentwicklung mit chronischen Infektionen und Entzündungen im Zusammenhang steht. Doch diesbezügliche Lösungsansätze bis hin zu Impfungen können ebenso als unzureichend eingestuft werden. In addition to the primary cancer mentioned above (e.g. breast or prostate, this group also includes similar conditions associated with cancer): for example:

  • Precancerous conditions, such as lichen ruber planus, leukoplakia
  • Carcinoma in situ (e.g. of the breast)
  • Cervical dysplasia (Papanicolau grade 2-4)
  • and again the cancers (carcinomas) of all types without metastases

This stage is currently not dangerous, but it is important to take this warning signal seriously, to optimize our lifestyle, to recognize cancer-promoting mechanisms and to realign ourselves with the laws of nature in a BIO-logical way. With our support, you have the opportunity to use the best kind of medicine, namely cause-oriented medicine.

The “alternative” tumor therapy, better known as holistic tumor therapy, starts with the healthy part of the organism by improving the cellular structural forces, removing trouble spots and treating all factors that block the immune system. We improve a person’s ability to rebuild by supplying substances that promote normal cell regeneration, but not tumor cell proliferation, which follows other metabolic processes.

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Holistic tumor therapies at the Paracelsus Clinic

The “alternative” tumor therapy, better known as holistic tumor therapy, starts with the healthy part of the organism by improving the cellular structural forces, removing trouble spots and treating all factors that block the immune system. We improve a person’s ability to rebuild by supplying substances that promote normal cell regeneration, but not tumor cell proliferation, which follows other metabolic processes.

Biological cancer therapy at the Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle is based on decades of experience and has developed considerably over the course of this time. It always includes several modalities, which have a strong effect when they interact.

There are always three “tracks”:

  • Treatment against cancer cells and prevention of metastasis
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Searching for and eliminating the causes that promote cancer

No single measure can be said to be effective against cancer alone. There is no single measure that helps against cancer in the long term, not even radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, as these only treat the cancer cells, but not the causes and certainly not the immune system.

The effectiveness of individual healing methods

We are repeatedly asked about the effectiveness of one or other “holistic” cancer therapy. Unfortunately, there are also many providers, especially on the Internet, who “praise” individual therapies, but this usually does not correspond to the true successes.

After more than 20 years of very intensive development of biological cancer therapies at the Paracelsus Clinic, we can clearly say that holistic tumour therapy is only effective if different modalities of treatment are applied in a very individualized and long-term manner. Nutrition and detoxification are always of great importance, as is consistent treatment with antioxidants (vitamins, trace elements, base).

As mentioned above, there are no single methods that work well, not even chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. It is also our firm opinion that every patient who uses conventional medical oncology should also receive intensive and highly individualized biological-medical cancer therapy.

Our patients only receive radiotherapy for special indications and not all of them are treated with chemotherapy for a long time – and we have a very low frequency of hospitalizations. Taking this into account, biological tumor therapy is a cost-effective measure. The assumption of costs may therefore be applied for and is justified.

The most important forms of therapy used for cancer patients at the Paracelsus Clinic are

  • Intensive dietary therapies / individual dietary advice
  • Whole-body hyperthermia (also known as exogenous fever therapy)
  • Hyperthermia, local, very intensive: (Oncotherm or Indiba device)
  • Magnetic field therapies, pulsating, various intensities
  • Immunostimulation and immunomodulation with SANUM therapies
  • Base infusions (bicarbonate) with medication supplements
  • Peroral, intensive biological tumor therapy combinations, antioxidants
  • High-dose vitamin C infusions (in combination with base infusions)
  • EDTA infusions in the presence of toxic stress and also after chemotherapy
  • Mistletoe therapies (if necessary with prior efficacy testing)
  • PAP IMI (Ion Induction Therapies), a very powerful treatment modality
  • Organ cell extracts (cell therapy): Stimulation of adrenal glands, internal organs, blood formation, thymus
  • Holistic detoxification and dental focus therapies are of great importance
  • Haptic therapies (antigen therapies in the case of cancerogenic bacteria)
  • Arrangement of locoregional chemotherapy possible in special cases
  • Oncological second opinions can be arranged

Biological cancer therapy is an extremely individualized therapy. All our doctors are also very well versed in conventional medicine and can therefore prescribe the combination of different therapies and also their integration into any conventional medical methods.

We also treat the tumor on site

Targeted intra- and peritumoral injections, local and locoregional hyperthermia therapy (Indiba, oncothermia), local ion induction (PAP IMI) and photodynamic therapy (PDT) as well as local laser therapies for skin tumors are used to treat the tumor on site. But this local treatment is always embedded in a holistic, systemic medical concept.

The healing fever: “Give me a remedy that can produce fever and I will cure all diseases” is a famous saying of Hippocrates’ student PARCHEMIDES. This applies in particular to all types of immunodeficiency that promote cancer. Many of those affected have not had a fever for decades. According to research, T lymphocytes, which are important for fighting cancer, are most immunologically active between 39°C and 40°C!

The Paracelsus Clinic is the only clinic in the German-speaking world in which such a broad combination of different cancer therapies, as well as investigations into the causes of cancer, are possible.

In particular, we have the opportunity to clarify the various stresses and tumor causes, which are practically never examined by conventional medicine:

  • Cancerogenic hormone exposure
  • Toxic, organic and heavy metal contamination
  • Lack of endogenous cancer defense (genetic tests of antioxidant performance)
  • Presence of oxidative stress
  • Immune deficiencies (adrenal insufficiency, immune deficiency)
  • Intestinal situation and hidden food allergies (burden the immune system)
  • Dark-field microscopy, a fascinating early examination
  • Testing of the autonomic nervous system, the weakness of which precedes cancer
  • Thermoregulation diagnostics (Alfa Thermodiagnostics)
  • Genetic tests to detect detoxification capacity and cancer susceptibility
  • Heavy metal analyses and organic-toxic analyses and carcinogens
  • High-resolution tumor sonography (ultrasound) with vascularization imaging

We have specific laboratory and genetic tests for each of the sub-causes.

By eliminating all the disorders found, the vast majority of related conditions improve considerably – but it takes months to often two years.

And lo and behold: the patients with early-stage breast cancer treated by us (often after removal of the breast lump) show no metastases for years and in many cases have full recoveries, and practically all of them improve massively under our remedies, without having to take the usual harmful medication. How often do we hear that years of dysplasia of the oral or uterine mucosa are finally back to normal and that the uncertainty of getting cancer is a thing of the past?


We tackle the early stages of cancer and precancerous conditions, which are often accompanied by uncertainty and fear on the part of the patient, very intensively, build up the body in the long term, remove as many of the partial causes of the diseases as possible, and that is why we have such good results.

early forms (primary diseases) of cancer and precancerous diseases and are therefore the domain of Paracelsus Biological Medicine!

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