Paracelsus is the leading Biological Medicine Clinic, offering a holistic approach that supports the body’s own ability to heal and regenerate. Our methods are often more effective than conventional medicine treatment alone, in arresting or reversing the course of illness and disease. Paracelsus also has a long history of medical experience, a wide range of therapies and resources that patients cannot find elsewhere.

Swiss insurance companies cover only part or none of treatment costs at Paracelsus. Foreign insurance policies generally do not cover any costs at all. However, there are some exceptions, so it is advisable to contact your insurance company prior to your visit to determine whether you have coverage. It is necessary to pay the costs of your treatment up front when you visit Paracelsus and later submit your claims to your insurance company.

Our aim is to keep your waiting time as short as possible. Typically, we can schedule a first appointment within about 5 business days from receiving your registration. For international patients requiring a partial inpatient stay, the waiting time from the first appointment (via video consultation) is approximately 2 weeks until arrival.

The aim of the application process is to help you decide if Paracelsus is right for you.  Some new patients complete this process in a few days; others need much more time to consult with their existing medical team, perhaps family members, and plan their travel.  We are here to help you through every step of the process:

  • Step 1: Please read our Frequently Asked Questions

  • Step 2: Fill out the Information Request Form and send it to us.


    Step 3: We will respond to you by email.  If we can help you, we will arrange a phone appointment to discuss your goals and answer your questions.*

  • Step 4: If you wish to go forward complete our Medical Questionnaire and we will make a specific recommendation for your visit.


  • Step 5: Once you commit to a firm plan, we will help you make arrangements here for your stay.

* Some new patients have complex medical situations, in which case we can arrange a phone consultation with one of our doctors to help you make your decision.

It’s typical to wait 2-4 weeks for an opening at the Clinic, but we make every effort to accommodate urgent cases immediately.

Of course, if you prefer to contact us initially by phone or e-mail, you may do so as follows:

  • If inside the USA: 1-877-208-1653 (toll-free forwarding to Switzerland)

  • From all other countries: +41-71-335-7171


If calling, please note the time difference: Switzerland is in the Rome/Berlin time zone, which is generally six hours ahead of Eastern Time in the USA, and six hours behind Singapore/Hong Kong.  

Your attending doctor will be assigned to you by the Clinic after you have completed your application. All physicians at Paracelsus are highly trained and experienced in biological medicine. You will see your physician at least three times a week during your stay.

We are happy to coordinate your care with your present doctor or medical team. Keep in mind however that most conventional doctors know very little about alternative and Biological Medicine. We recommend establishing a relationship with a holistically-oriented practitioner who can assist you with the Clinic’s follow-up protocols once you return home.

The first typical visit usually takes around 2-3 weeks. Treatments are scheduled daily from Monday to Friday. On weekends, the clinic is closed and you have time to relax or do sightseeing. The extended initial stay allows the medical team enough time to do a complete and thorough medical evaluation, including laboratory tests, physical diagnosis and to individualize your treatment plan. Please note that some laboratory test results may take longer than three weeks. Most patients revisit Paracelsus once or more often per year for shorter stays while maintaining their treatment program at home with supplements, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications and other treatment protocols. While return visits are recommended, they are not mandatory.

It is vitally important for our doctors to be informed about your current medical records before you come. We therefore ask to please send us your latest laboratory results, reports and scans (such as ultrasound, CT, MRI etc.) together with the registration form. (For Swiss patients please bring medical records latest to your first consultation.)

Please note if necessary, the clinic will conduct specific diagnostic tests, which might be unavailable elsewhere.

Costs vary by individual.  They may vary from US$10,000 to $20,000 or more per week.  The most important variables are your illness and condition, the diagnostic tests and therapy required, and the amount of dental care you need and when you choose to schedule it.


Important to note, costs are generally not covered by foreign health insurances. For individual cost estimations please complete the application form and contact us.

Once you have decided you want to visit Paracelsus, you will be asked to deposit an initial amount of CHF 10’000 to complete your application process. After one week at the clinic (every following Tuesday), you will review your deposit at our accounting department. Most patients pay by credit card. Wire transfers are also accepted. We gladly explain more about billing during the application process.

The Paracelsus Clinic Lustmühle is an outpatient care facility, thus you will stay in a hotel during your visit. We have affiliated hotels with whom we work closely together in Teufen and surrounding neighborhood. We provide a free shuttle service to and from the Clinic to the affiliated hotels in Teufen.

Patients often enjoy, especially with repeated visits, getting to know each other in these particular hotels. Others prefer to stay in or nearby St. Gallen, which offers all kinds of hotels, a variety of restaurants and tourist attractions. The drawback of staying in St. Gallen is that it is more expense and that patients must provide their own transportation (trains and busses available). Please refer to our hotel list.

For patients with mobility impairments the physical environment of the clinic supports access the facilities by providing adequate space to accommodate use of wheelchairs, access to parking and elevator. We still advise that patients must be partially ambulatory, that is, able to walk short distances and get in and out of vehicles. As an outpatient care facility with tight schedules, patients must be able to come and go every day, and move without help from one appointment to the next across five buildings on our campus. Please note that there is no 24-hour medical care at the hotels. If you need such help, we strongly recommend you bring someone with you who can assist you. Please discuss details of your needs during the application process.

Temperature fluctuations depending on the season are common in Switzerland. In winter, there can be a lot of snow and summer can have some hot days. You can check online for current weather conditions. Dressing in layers with sweaters is always advisable. Be sure to pack comfortable clothes, walking shoes, slippers for the hotel, books, notebook for taking notes, and music and DVDs if you wish. It might be a good idea to bring a charging adapter. You will have multiple appointments every day and unavoidably some time will be spent in waiting rooms, so reading material is important. Wi-Fi is available at the hotels and at the Clinic.

On arrival at Zurich airport, the least expensive and easiest way to get to Teufen and Paracelsus Clinic is to take a train to St. Gallen and then a taxi. You may also rent a car or hire a private driver either in Zurich or St.Gallen. It is also possible to arrange a private driver from the airport in Zurich; please inquire for details and costs during your application process.

Free shuttle service to and from Paracelsus is provided only for the recommended hotels in Teufen. If you are staying in St. Gallen you must arrange your own transportation; your choices are a rental car, taxi, bus or the Appenzeller train.

We protect ourselves and our patients from infectious diseases by strictly following hygiene and safety measures. We are optimally equipped for this crisis and have all modern hygiene facilities in place.

Please see our detailed Hygiene and Safety Concept for more details.