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07.03.2022 – L.S., Switzerland (originally in German)

My family and I have been patients at the Paracelsus Clinic for years. We have always had very good experiences and have always been very kindly and professionally supported by all staff members. The only disadvantage is that the doctors and dentists are very busy and there are long waiting times for appointments.

19.02.2022 – C.R., Switzerland (originally in German)

On the recommendation of Ms. Liu, I completed one-week of biofilm treatment in the clinic. Excellent guidance from accommodating staff who are very attentive to patients. Advice for complementary medicines and practices were tailor-made to individual problems. I am very satisfied.

20.11.2020- S. T., England

We have had an amazing experience that we feel has directed us towards a long term path of health and vitality. To all the people who have helped us in this journey – thank you so much!

29.06.2020- A. S., London, UK

Wellbeing, diagnostic and solution-focused …

Wellbeing, diagnostic and solution-focused is what Paracelsus is all about and exactly what I came here for. There is no other medical practice, hospital, clinic or service that truly listens, adapts and takes action customized to you as meaningfully as Paracelsus does. I completely trusted and felt so taken care of by all doctors and staff and the multi-disciplinary, holistic approach taken, has for the first time in years given me genuine confidence and hope that there is a solution to my problem. Thank you!

02.03.2002 – A.M., England

I completed 2 weeks of treatment for ulcerative colitis/Crohn’s. Overall great experience. Friendly and very professional. Feel like it’s put me on track and I feel in control of my own health. I did a detox as well as many other treatments. Also discussed what diet recommendations I should follow. Feel myself improving on my own now, it was definitely worth it.

29.07.2021- K. Z., Glarus, Switzerland (originally in German)

I came to Mr. Reifert for amalgam restoration. A topic that I have long put off, why actually I thought to myself when I left the practice, as I was overjoyed and amalgam free!!! The consultation was top and I felt very comfortable. All my questions and concerns were taken seriously and the treatment was even pleasant. I am very happy now to have found a dentist, will only come here to treat my teeth and the long way from Glarus I am more than happy to accept. I can highly recommend this dentist!

11.08.2020- L. L., Vienna, Austria (originally in German)

Very satisfied

In our case, time will tell, but at the moment everything looks good. We are here with our son because of sudden Grand Mal seizures, here we learned why his body has to react this way and that there is a way to recover. Everything necessary was initiated immediately, he is doing very well with the treatments. An active virus was discovered by our daughter, which would cause health problems in the long run if untreated. The necessary infusion was given immediately. We will come again and recommend the clinic to others.

29.06.2020- A. S., Verbier, Switzerland (originally in German)

Just an absolutely incredible experience. …

Just an absolutely incredible experience. I have never felt this taken care of in any medical institution! Special thanks to Dr. Pleus!