Paracelsus Pharmacy

What does our Biological Pharmacy offer?

  • Close cooperation with Paracelsus biological doctors and biological dentists
  • Holistic assortment based on modern knowledge in the field of metabolic processes and especially their physiological regulation with catalysts and immune-stimulatory medications
  • Magistrale preparations (individualized compounded formulation) tailor-made in our own laboratory according to the doctor’s prescription and individualized according to the diagnosis. Examples are bioidentical hormone creams and hormone capsules, special mixtures of homeopathic drops, injections and infusions.
  • Patient counselling for conventional drugs and biological medicines such as phytotherapy, spagyric, homeopathy and isopathy.
  • Our special Medi-Check to assess your current medications
  • Health products and natural & organic cosmetics, etc.
How can we help you?

You can reach us by phone at +41 71 335 71 41

Or send us an email at