Welcome to Our Team of lecturers Page

At Paracelsus Academy, we value fairness and transparency. To ensure that all our lecturers are recognized equally, we have organized the names on this page in alphabetical order. This method allows us to provide a consistent and unbiased listing for our visitors. We hope this approach reflects our commitment to treating everyone with respect and consideration.


Sonja Lewandowski, Ph.D.

Dr. Sonja Lewandowski, the Director of the Academy, is an expert in the fields of nutritional physiology, lifestyle medicine, and particularly the microbiome. With her expertise in biochemistry, physiology, and nutritional therapy, including multiple peer-reviewed publications, she possesses the ability to connect the dots, and provides not only comprehensive knowledge but also practical advice to promote a healthy lifestyle and healing.


Elvira Boschmann, M.D.

Dr. med. Elvira Boschmann is a recognized expert in the field of PRP therapy, active aging, and regeneration. Her clinical and surgical experience has helped the biological medical approaches to advanceme in pain treatments. She provides valuable insights into the latest developments and techniques for promoting holistic health.

Eric Kimbles, N.D.

As a naturopathic doctor specializing in Biological Medicine and especially holistic cancer treatment, Eric Kimbles has had a significant impact on the healthcare field. His expertise in epigenetic testing promises new insights and approaches to enhancing individual health. We are eager to learn from his wide-reaching experience and individualized treatment approach.

Farnaz Fahimi, M.D.

Dr. med. Farnaz Fahimi, brings a unique perspective by discussing the connection between mind and body in medicine. With her experience working with renowned practitioners in holistic medicine, she provides valuable insights into the importance of the autonomic nervous system, mindfulness and a balanced relationship between physical and mental well-being.

Johannes Naumann, M.D.

As a biological medical physician and environmental expert, Dr Naumann has made a remarkable contribution including numerous published papers, to holistic health. His extensive experience in Biological Medicine, along with his teaching activities for physicians in continuing education, are invaluable. We look forward to benefiting from his profound knowledge and learning about his innovative approaches.

Renate Liu, M.D.

Renate Liu has been practicing at Paracelsus Clinic for over 25 years and has been significantly involved in the development of our Biological Medicine! Her extensive experience and dedication to holistic health have made her a respected figure in our medical community. Much can be learned from Renate Liu's expertise and unique insights.

Scott Lim, M.D.

Meet Dr. Scott Lim, a medical practitioner who transitioned to the forefront of Biological Medicine. After completing the certified seminar program in 2016, including an internship at Paracelsus, he redefined healthcare and has already opened his fourth Biological Medical center in Malaysia. In his daily practice, Dr. Lim merges biological medicine principles to offer holistic, personalized care. Using advanced diagnostics, genetic testing, and targeted therapies, he delivers precision medicine tailored to each patient’s genetic blueprint and clinical profile, optimizing treatment outcomes and enhancing quality of life. Driven by a commitment to ongoing education, Dr. Lim stays updated on the latest advancements in Biological Medicine. We are delighted that he teaches at Paracelsus Academy, enriching professionals with his knowledge and experience.

Shuyan Wang, M.D.

We are proud to welcome Ms. Shuyan Wang, the Medical Director of the Functional Medicine Center in Beijing, China, as a guest lecturer at Paracelsus Academy. She is an expert in functional medicine with numerous publications and will specifically teach about cardiovascular diseases, active aging, and preventive biological medicine.

Xiaolin Wang, M.D.

The internal medicine doctor from China is a specialist in functional medicine with peer-reviewed publications in his field. We welcome Dr Wang at Paracelsus Academy as a guest lecturer and are happy that he can share his expertise in regeneration, metabolic diseases, and lifestyle matters.


Tilman Fritsch, D.D.S.

Introducing Prof. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch, who opened several dental practice since 1996 in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. In 2004, he assumed ownership of the dental laboratory specializing in alternative prosthetics, "," with a focus on minimizing toxins in dental medicine and technology. In 2008, he pioneered the NAM principle (Neurobiology, Anatomy, Metabolism) and NAM dental medicine, emphasizing the integration of neurobiology into dentistry and the interconnectedness between oral health and overall well-being. Since 2011, Prof. Fritsch has served as a professor and lecturer at various international universities, including Stavropol State Medical University, WMU (Warsaw Management University), and i-Gap. As an author of several books and academic publications we are proud to resent Prof Fritsch as an esteemed lecturer at Paracelsus Academy teaching about the importance of dental health and its influence on overall wellbeing.

Gunnar Reifert, D.D.S.

As a lecturer at Paracelsus Academy, we benefit from Gunnar Reifert's experience as a Biological Dentist since 1988. His unique specialization at Paracelsus Dental, the combination of Biological Dentistry with Bioresonance and biophysical monitoring is a valuable asset to our holistic approach. His profound understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine allows him to utilize dental interference fields as a diagnostic tool to detect chronic illnesses that may have been overlooked by other diagnostic methods. Thanks to his comprehensive knowledge and extensive experience, Gunnar Reifert achieves a remarkable success rate in treating his patients.


Shaji Adathala

Shaji Adathala is the head of therapy and medical services at Paracelsus and specializes in manual therapies including medical massages, IHHT, and local hyperthermias. His extensive experience make him a valuable resource for seminar participants, who can benefit from his practical knowledge. He offers individually tailored therapy approaches to improve physical health.

Nurses/Healthcare Professionals

Yvonne Herzog

Yvonne Herzog, our nursing specialist and expert in infusions and heat therapies, brings a wealth of practical know-how to seminar participants, thanks to her extensive experience at the clinic for over 20 years. Her professional expertise and compassionate approach ensure top-quality care and therapy for our patients, significantly contributing to their recovery and well-being.

Sonja Bacus

Sonja Bacus is a holistic nutritionist and vital nutrient counsellor for many years at Paracelsus Clinic who passionately advocates a healthy lifestyle. With her well-founded knowledge and practical experience, she assists people in optimizing their dietary habits and achieving a balanced nutrient intake. Thanks to her wealth of experience, she is a significant asset to seminar participants, as they can learn a great deal from her insights. Her counselling is aimed at achieving long-term health goals especially in chronically sick patients.