Paracelsus Biological Medicine
Certified Program

Training at Paracelsus Academy

This Academy training program, launched in 2015 and restructured in 2024 is dedicated to teaching the effective Biological Medicine technologies for complex and difficult disease to health practitioners from around the world. We are now connected to a practitioner network of 22 countries.

We offer you the unique opportunity to expand and update your knowledge in the field of Biological Medicine.
This educational program will provide a worldwide training standard and independent curriculum for holistic, integrative medical treatment with high scientific quality. All subjects covered will take different medical disciplines into consideration and will be explained using actual case studies. Relevant, interdisciplinary and individualized therapy solutions and patient counselling strategies will be presented. During this training program participants will be given a solid understanding of the connections between conventional medicine and holistic, root-cause medical approaches. This guarantees a qualified understanding of biologic and natural therapy support and to find solution to complex, unclear diseases.

This intensive training in Biological Medicine helps you to be more confident in your holistic treatment methods.
The widespread embrace of natural healing modalities has reached unprecedented heights today, whether utilized for prophylactic purposes or to complement conventional treatments. Moreover, the imperative for innovative approaches in healthcare is gaining in importance.

Objective to the education

At the Paracelsus Academy, we teach you how to restore the power of natural systems from within – cell by cell. Both scientific and radical, this approach will help you in your home practice, especially with difficult cases of chronic and degenerative disease.

Education structure

We offer online classes and seminars at the Paracelsus Clinic. All 9 Modules are offered in 3×3 blocks for 2 days or 16 hours each.

We highly recommend to attend the special seminar workshops at the clinic. With on-site training, you not only meet and connect with like-minded practitioners from all around the world, but you also gain insights into Paracelsus Clinic daily routines. 

All course work counts toward the certification program in Biological Medicine.

Target group

Experienced healthcare professionals such as doctors, dentists, naturopathic doctors, therapists and lay people interested in learning Biological Medicine.

Our modules at Paracelsus Academy

You learn how to examine, test and identify causes, symptoms and patterns of disorders and apply proven therapy concepts. Discover the power of addressing root causes, not just masking symptoms – and of treating unique individuals, not merely conditions!

We teach you how to restore the innate power of natural systems from within – cell by cell. Scientific and innovative, this approach will empower your home practice, particularly with challenging cases of chronic and degenerative diseases.

->Information Flyer (2024)

Dieses Seminar ist eine ausgezeichnete Zusammenfassung des Paracelsus-Ansatzes zur Biologischen Medizin. Die Teilnehmer des Programms werden die Unterschiede und Ähnlichkeiten zwischen Biologischer Medizin und konventioneller Medizin, funktioneller Medizin, Naturheilkunde, orientalischer Medizin, konventioneller Zahnmedizin, Ernährungsmedizin, homöopathischer Medizin und der Integration vieler Therapien kennenlernen.

Die Biologische Medizin, die in der Paracelsus-Klinik praktiziert wird, ist äusserst innovativ und integriert viele Disziplinen, neue diagnostische Werkzeuge, Heilmittel und Therapiesysteme. Die konventionelle Medizin nähert sich immer mehr den naturheilkundlichen Ansätzen an, die wir seit Jahrzehnten anwenden. Mit dem Fortschritt der medizinischen Wissenschaft werden wichtige naturheilkundliche Heilungskonzepte weiterhin in die Biologische Medizin integriert.

Wir diskutieren auch den breit unterschätzten Einfluss, den die Zahnmedizin auf Krankheiten haben kann, und wie die Zahnmedizin erheblich zur Verbesserung eines Patientenfalls beitragen kann.

This seminar is an excellent summary of the Paracelsus approach to Biological Medicine.

Attendees of the program will learn the distinctions and similarities between Biological Medicine and conventional medicine, functional medicine, naturopathic medicine, oriental medicine, conventional dentistry, nutritional medicine, homeopathic medicine, and the incorporation of many therapies.

Biological Medicine practiced at Paracelsus Clinic in very innovative incorporating many of disciplines, new diagnostic tools, remedies and therapy systems. Conventional medicine is converging more and more with natural medicine approaches we have been applying for decades. As medical science advances important natural healing ideas continue to become adopted to Biological Medicine.

We also introduce the broadly under-appreciated impact that dentistry can have on diseases, and how dentistry can contribute significantly to improving a patient case.

Guest speaker: Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch of NAM Dental Medicine

In this module, we will explore the important fusion of Biological Dentistry with Paracelsus Biological Medicine, highlighting the innovative practices developed over 20 years at Paracelsus Dental. The intricate connections between teeth and meridians, organs, and systems within the body will be explained. We will unravel the complexities of dental toxins and their treatment, emphasizing pre- and post-treatment considerations within the context of holistic dentistry. An overview of diagnostic tools will highlight the importance of root cause analysis in Biological Medicine. Oral inflammation has profound implications in chronic diseases which confirms the interconnectedness of oral and systemic health. Additionally, esteemed guest speaker Prof. Dr. med. dent. Tilman Fritsch of NAM Dental Medicine will cover functional dentistry, exploring its role in addressing jaw alignment and chronic pain. Furthermore, he will explain essential dental procedures, including the correct removal and replacement of amalgams, biological root canals and the realm of metal-free holistic dentistry, encompassing implants, bridges, inlays, and mouth guards, with an emphasis on comprehensive patient-centred care.


  • 20 years of  Paracelsus Dental  innovations in Biological Medicine at Paracelsus Clinic in Switzeralnd. Teeth, oral cavity and meridians, organs and systems.
  • Dental toxins and their treatment: pre- and post-treatment which are important in holistic dentistry
  • Interpretation of the panoramic dental X-ray and other diagnostic tools in holistic medicine.
  • Oral inflammation and the connection to chronic diseases
  • Functional dentistry, jaw alignment and chronic pain
  • How to work cooperatively with a biological dentists
  • The dentist’s procedures:
    – The correct removal of amalgams and dental restoration
    – How to discern dental foci – when should root canals be removed, and what are the available options?
    – Oral cavity health: A frequently overlooked cause of remote and “unclear” joint and organ problems. How to diagnose?
    – Fully metal free holistic dentistry: implants, bridges, inlays, mouth guards etc.

This program examines the 1st Pillar of the 3-pillars of Biological Medicine developed at the Paracelsus Clinic. Biological Medicine views disease symptoms as the sign of blockades in a normally powerful self-regulating system. Pillar 1 is about this central and specific issue and about quantifying toxic situations important in natural medicine.

Every individual has a personalized capacity for excreting and managing physiological responses to toxic, dental, allergenic and pathological exposures. Some handle exposures better than others. Learn why and learn about the corrective measures.



  • The «milieu» and cellular functions: the cell structure and «cell energy» as a model for understanding regulation.
  • The acid-base metabolism and how to diagnose and treat hyperacidity.
  • Diseases of hyperacidity: hypertension, coronary heart diseases, Joint and back degeneration.
  • Metabolic toxic blocks. Principle comments on hyper-protein diseases – the causes and treatment of most common «civilization diseases» such as cancer, circulatory diseases, chronic infections, diabetes and obesity.
  • Detoxification: All factors concerning diagnosing and treating toxic load:
    – Heavy metals and organic toxins, how they cause diseases, how to diagnose and treat
    – Organic toxins and neurological diseases
    – Chelation tests, inner milieu diagnostics and treatments: DMPS, DMSO, dark field microscopy, bioresonance tests etc.
    – Orthomolecular detoxification methods: zeolite, chlorella etc.
  • Neurotoxins from bacteria etc.
  • Various treatments methods like colonics, Paracelsus Liver Detox Program, Paracelsus detox infusions, medical massages etc.

The powerful influence of the intestines is central to the progression of chronic diseases. Restoring the the microbiome and integrity and function of the intestinal mucosa is of vital importance. The intestinal system contributes crucial hormones and immune capacity, influences the autonomic nervous system, facilitates selective absorption of nutrients, blocks invasive substances and organisms, and aids in toxin excretion. We explore all factors of gut restoration—the 2nd Pillar of Paracelsus Biological Medicine.

By reviving your sluggish intestinal tract, you can ignite regenerative capacities within the body—the 3rd Pillar of our biological medicine. Discover how recovery can be stimulated after restoring these critical regulatory systems. Additionally, we discuss diagnostic methods and therapies designed to stimulate restorative processes.

We equip you with the knowledge to rejuvenate the immune system from within. This approach will strengthen your home practice, particularly in managing challenging cases of chronic and degenerative diseases.



  • The intestines as the main organ of the immune system and of the upbuilding forces in the body, and its role in the treatment of chronic disease. Simple biological medicine strategies to approach allergies and autoimmune diseases. The gut and autonomic nervous system
  • The Leaky Gut Syndrome and how to treat it.
  • Treatment of all chronic diseases: allergies, asthma, IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), diverticulitis, chronic infections, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, lupus and more.
  • Intestinal diagnostics: comprehensive microbiome stool test, food allergy tests, gut-related neuroendocrine hormones, testing of the autonomic nervous system, thermoregulation test.
  • How to restore the intestinal flora and immune system with remedies, nutrition and colonics
  • How to treat all bacterial diseases without antibiotics
  • The use of Colon Hydrotherapy
  • The problem and treatment of Dysbiosis: neurotoxic load, gut-brain axis, mental health, neuroendocrine problems
  • Treatments for psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, chronic infections, Hashimoto and more.

Learn how to activate regenerative capacities in the body. Health means the body can regulate and can withstand stress and traumas. This module will explain how we can stimulate and restore these critical regulatory systems. We also review diagnostic methods and therapies designed to evaluate and stimulate restorative processes.

Regeneration and body regulation are the fundamental principles of optimal health. Central to this is the understanding of how to activate the body’s innate regenerative capacities, essential for maintaining equilibrium in the face of environmental strossors. Health, as we’ll discover, is not merely the absence of disease but rather the body’s ability to regulate and withstand external challenges.

Paracelsus regeneration techniques take centre stage, offering insights into holistic approaches to stimulate and support the body’s natural healing processes. Orthomolecular therapy, regeneration infusions, and neural therapy as well as nutritional and Mind Body Medicine approaches. Paracelsus magistral remedies and natural, individualized bioidentical hormone creams offer additional avenues for restoring balance and vitality, tailored to each individual’s unique needs.


  • What is optimal body regulation and how can we test the restorative capacity of the body
  • Paracelsus regeneration techniques
  • Orthomolecular therapy
  • Regeneration infusions and neural therapy
  • Nutritional replenishments
  • Mind Body Medicine and Lifestyle improvements
  • How the autonomic nervous system and intestinal health can increase vital force, mental capacity and balance emotions
  • Paracelsus magistral remedies and natural and individualised bioidentical hormone creams

Hyperacidity within the body’s milieu stands as a fundamental tenet in the Paracelsus Biological Medicine approach. This condition is intertwined with various direct impacts on health, manifesting in co-causation and pathological influences linked to ailments such as osteoporosis, hypertension, heart disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, recurring infections, cancers, degenerative osteoarthritis, and more. Our discourse will focus on the detection and treatment of this hyperacidity, recognizing its pivotal role in health restoration. Rectifying this underlying condition, along with addressing related co-causal nutritional factors, can catalyze a positive shift towards improved health outcomes within the biological medicine recovery process.


  • Exploration of hyperacidity and its influence on metabolism, emphasizing the pH balance of the body’s inner milieu.
  • Highlighting nutritional considerations regarding hyperproteinaemia and alkaline diets.
  • Examination of the repercussions of excessive acidity in the body, including inflammation, pain, and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Intestinal implications of high protein diets and the involvement of the liver.
  • Understanding how treatments and devices within the Paracelsus Biological Medicine framework aid in alkalizing the body, facilitating holistic wellness.

Every medical journey begins with the initial consultation with the patient. This module acts as a guide, leading practitioners through the intricate process of crafting an action plan that starts with the initial physical examination and interview. It is during this stage that the groundwork for root cause analysis is established.

Questions arise: When and what should be tested? We clarify the essential components of a comprehensive root-cause analysis and how these findings inform the treatment plan.

Embracing the holistic perspective of Biological Medicine, we embrace a comprehensive view of health within the 3-Pillar framework. Each step of the healthcare treatment plan methodology is elucidated, accompanied by the application of specific tools and protocols tailored to individual medical conditions. Case studies will provide practical examples, illustrating the principles in action.



  • The holistic integration of Biological Medicine, including root cause evaluation methodologies and practical clinical examination techniques are covered.
  • Exploration of unique therapy options, encompassing up-building programs, specialized treatment schedules for autoimmune and neurological diseases (such as polyneuropathy, epilepsy, and migraines), as well as strategies for managing cardiovascular and metabolic ailments like diabetes and degenerative cardiomyopathy.
  • Orthomolecular and cellular approaches to degeneration and regeneration, unlocking self-healing processes.
  • Introduction to Paracelsus Biological Medicine devices and treatment modalities, including hyperthermia, Papimi, Iratherme, among others.
  • In-depth examination of chelation treatment and infusion therapies such as alkaline infusions and ozone infusions, offering diverse paths towards restoration and regeneration.

The Module 8 seminar has been one of the most popular, appealing to medical practitioners due to its comprehensive overview of the Biological Medicine approach, particularly focusing on cancer cases.

We explore specific methodologies for diagnosis and testing, the significant benefits of collaboration with dentistry, the utilization of supplements and remedies, essential therapeutic options, and the importance of patient engagement, monitoring, and Mind-Body Medicine health management.

Case examples also serve to illuminate the thought processes and methodologies underlying Biological Medicine treatment plans.



  • Cancer development and Biological Medicine Approach to Cancer
  • Root causes of cancer: cancerogenic factor and its test methods: Xenohormones, Heavy metals, organic toxins, Cancer and dental health and Mind-Body Medicine.
  • Paracelsus cancer treatment programs:
    – Special infusions and orthomolecular supplements including vitamin C Infusions and cancer infusions
    – Important vitamins, minerals, trace elements, isopathics and homeopathics including vitamin B17, Selenium, Curcuma, Vitamin D 
    – Mistletoe treatment – Paracelsus specific Iscador application program
  • Additional important treatments
    – Neural therapy
    – Insulin potentiation Therapy (IPT) 
    – Different techniques of Hyperthermia: local versus systemic whole body
    – Oncotherme
    – Electromagnetic treatments: Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy
    – Ion-Induction-Therapy (PAP IMI) 

Nearly all our cells are capable of regenerating up until old age. Targeted detoxification, intestinal restoration, and essential, vital supplementation serves to create a perfect inner milieu. Modern life and dietary habits require the regular intake of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. In addition, various methods in Biological Medicine reinforce and support our ability for recovery and restoration, accelerate regenerative processes, and improve our vitality.



  • Integration of Biological Medicine in daily routines for disease prevention and disease recurrence.
  • Paracelsus Check-up and Active Aging program
    – Paracelsus health diagnostics. What test are useful and which are not important
    – Paracelsus cell therapy including organ cell extracts, neural therapy and special infusions
    – Regenerative and up-building treatment to increase upbuilding forces, vitality and health
  • Orthomolecular and cellular approaches to degeneration and regeneration
  • Milieu Therapy to detoxify inner matrix, regenerate cell membrane potential and mitochondria with specific treatments like Ionizing treatments (PAP IMI), local hyperthermia (Indiba), medical massages to mobilise tissue toxins (cupping techniques, interstitial tissue massage etc) colon hydrotherapy, etc.
  • Autonomic Nervous System therapy with Mind Body Medicine to increase self-healing potential

Further Information

Further Information
These seminars are very intense and include practical work. This allows to learn and practice Biological Medicine. If you participate in all the 9 seminars, you will get a Certificate for Swiss Biological Medicine, which allows you to cooperation as a Paracelsus Clinic Partner and to follow an additional internship.

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