Dr. med. Elvira Boschmann

Medical Education
Doctor of Medicine, University of Hannover (MHH), Germany (1998)
General Surgeon Specialist (2004)
Certificate in Naturopathy

General Surgeon Specialist, Emergency Medicine, Naturopathy, Alternative medicine, Acupuncture (FMH), Kinisiology, Darkfield, Sonography, FX-Mayr Fasting

Dr Boschmann looks back on 36 years of medical practice. Her extensive surgical experience including transplantation, plastic, rehabilitation, and trauma surgery allows her to take a comprehensive holistic approach, as she literally knows the human body inside and out. The last 14 years, Dr Boschmann has specialized in Biological Medicine and patients are grateful, often after long periods of suffering, of her comprehensive experience as holistic practitioner. She has worked together with renowned doctors like Dr Wolf/oncology bio-therapies and Dr Funk/plastic surgery.

Dr Boschmanns main approach is to find the best possible treatment methods for her patients in order to restore their regenerative force and help the body to heal.
Elvira Boschmann is firmly convinced that people with chronic diseases can be helped if body, mind and soul are considered together. “In a holistic sense – TOGETHER – you create healing”. She also enjoys working as a preventive physician and it fulfils her deeply to be able to say from her own experience that through preventive biological-medical measures health and well-being remain a constant.

English, German, Russian