Gunnar Reifert, dipl. med. dent.

Medical Education
Dentistry, Moscow Medical Stomatological Institute, Moscow, Russia

Biological Dentistry
Bioresonance and Implantology
Hypnotherapy and Homeopathy
Biophysical information therapy,
Traditional Chinese Medicine

Gunnar Reifert has been practicing Biological Dentistry since 1988, and provides a unique specialty in combining Biological Dentistry with Bioresonance and Biophysical Monitoring to his dental patients at Paracelsus. Leveraging his extensive knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Gunnar Reifert uses dental foci as a diagnostic tool to identify chronic illnesses that other diagnostic tools may have overlooked. As a result of his comprehensive knowledge and expertise, Gunnar Reifert is able to treat patients with a celebrated rate of success.

German, English, Russian