Dr. med. Johannes Naumann

Medical Education
Doctor of Medicine, University of Würzburg, Germany (1990)
General Internist, Hospital Ochsenfurt, Hospital Wolfsburg, District Hospital Peine, Germany (2000)
Occupational and Environmental Medicine Specialist, University Clinic Freiburg, Germany (2007)

Internist, Occupational and Environmental Medicine Specialist, Naturopathy, Acupuncture (FMH)
Chiropractic therapy, Physical therapy and Balneology, Homeopathy, Emergency Medicine

Dr Johannes Naumann has a very comprehensive medicine training as a general internist (including sonography, echocardiography, gastro- and colonoscopy etc.).
After his residency, he worked as a senior physician for 2 years in an orthopaedic rehabilitation clinic and 2 years in an oncology clinic and for many years in the University Hospital of Freiburg.
There he headed the environmental medicine and naturopathic outpatient clinic and later the Interdisciplinary Treatment and Research Center for Balneology. In addition, Dr Naumann was active as a consultant in various departments like the pain management outpatient clinic and the clinic for radiation therapy. During this time, he conducted and supervised many studies.
For 20 years Dr. Naumann has been training physicians in acupuncture, physical therapy, balneology and environmental medicine.

German, English, Spanish, French