Paracelsus Biofilm & Gut Cleanse Program

Paracelsus Biofilm & Gut cleansing to strengthen your vitality

The gastro-intestinal tract, the root of the tree of life, determines health and illness, strength and sluggishness, clarity and drowsiness. The inner regulatory forces can only be stimulated again when the intestinal mucosa is freed from the biofilm (slimy bacterial colonies). After the removal of the biofilm the complex tasks of the digestive tract can reassume optimally again. Thanks to the very specific plant fibers, the diet and the accompanying therapies, the program has a long-lasting healing effect on your intestines.

The Paracelsus Bio-Film Colon Cleanse is medically supervised and, if necessary, adapted to individual needs. The removal of biofilm can usually be observed within a short, 4-day fasting period.

Who will benefit from the Paracelsus Biofilm & Gut Cleanse?

This intensive gut cleanse program is used for people with chronic illnesses, especially gastrointestinal problems, asthma, migraines, allergies, intolerances, candidiasis, parasitic diseases, autoimmune diseases, general immune weakness, and susceptibility to infections. Even teenagers and young adults with chronic illnesses can benefit from the program.

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What makes this program special?

Situated in the Swiss mountain landscape, the Paracelsus Clinic is the ideal place to relax and regenerate. Under medical supervision, we strive to identify the causes and treat patients holistically.

The Paracelsus Biofilm Gut Cleansing is supported and tailored to individual needs as required. Biofilm elimination is typically observed within a short 4-day fasting period.


  • Nerve pathways of the gut-brain axis are reactivated, and nutrient absorption is optimized.
  • Improvement in mental vitality.
  • With the elimination of unwanted biofilm inhabitants, the harmful excretions of parasites are simultaneously removed.
  • Improvement in mood swings, concentration difficulties, and low resilience in daily life.
  • Depression, brain fog, and stress syndromes often improve within a short period.


What does the program include? This comprehensive approach includes both holistic diagnosis, nutrition, and therapies that have proven effective in our long-standing practice.

Paracelsus Biofilm & Gut Cleanse Program in Detail

  • Lab tests (extra)
  • 3x doctor’s visits (including 1 entry doctor’s visit)
  • Neural injection therapies
  • Upbuilding infusions
  • Colon-hydrotherapy + probiotic enema
  • Magnetic field-therapy
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Cupping massage
  • Lymphmassage
  • Local hyperthermia treatments (Indiba)
  • Liver compresses
  • Nutrition consultations (instructions and written notes)
  • 2 days biofilm diet and 4 days biofilm fasting diet
  • Daily cup of tea with swiss mountain herbs
  • Lunches according to the Paracelsus diet, special shakes and remedies (excluding program price)
  • 4 x Power-Shake and Gut-Cleanse-Drink (Paracelsus Pharmacy Product)
  • 1 set parasite treatment drops (Paracelsus Pharmacy Product)
  • Instructions and written documents