Paracelsus Immune Boost Program

Who will benefit from the Immune Boost Program?

This medical program is intended for individuals suffering from autoimmune diseases, chronic infections and inflammations (viral and bacterial burdens), allergies, thyroid dysfunctions, skin problems, neurovegetative complaints, and chronic neurovegetative disorders.

What is the focus?

The focus of the program is on supporting the immune system and restoring defence mechanisms, so that your body can regain strength and be able to regulate and regenerate itself again. The Paracelsus Elimination diet is aimed at relieving the system and helping the immune system to focus on repair and protection.

We utilize therapies to increase cell membrane potential, oxygenation, immune stimulation, and infusion therapies for infection control.

Find out how we can help you

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What makes this program special

This program is a wonderful start on the path to long-term health, giving you the opportunity to feel rejuvenated and regain confidence in your body’s ability to defend against invaders and adapt to external and internal influences. This program can be very well combined with a check-up program.


  • An opportunity to escape the stress of everyday life and relax.
  • The main goal is to regenerate and strengthen the immune system.
  • Medical infusions increase resilience and immunity.
  • Detoxification therapies relieve the immune system and promote health.
  • The program supports all organs of the lymphatic system as well as immune cells to eliminate pathogens and promote cell renewal, strengthening immunity.
  • Gut restoration therapies are aimed at strengthening the enteric immune system.

What does the program include?

This comprehensive approach includes both holistic diagnosis, nutrition, and therapies that have proven effective in our long-standing practice.

  • Laboratory test for immune status
  • OPT (dental tomography)
  • VNS (test for autonomic nervous system)
  • 3x doctor’s visits (including 1 entry doctor’s visit)
  • Neural injection therapies
  • Anti-infect infusions
  • Ozone infusions
  • Set of remedies (phytotherapy) – paid at pharmacy
  • Colon-hydrotherapy + probiotic enema
  • Magnetic field-therapy
  • Swing cushion massage with cupping
  • Local hyperthermia treatments (Indiba)
  • IHHT therapies (mitochondrial regeneration)
  • 2x nutrition consultations (instructions and written notes)
  • 7-day Paracelsus Elimination diet to unburden the immune system
  • Daily cup of tea with swiss mountain herbs
  • Lunches according to the Paracelsus diet (excl. in the program price)